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Edi-1Hi! I’m Eddie, the mascot of Edible Education, the national cooking school for kids!

Did you know: CDC studies show that if kids get 50 hours of cooking education before they are 12,  it will change the way they think about food. 

Edible Education’s founder and CEO Chef Ann Butler is determined to teach thousands of children across America how to prepare real food, and love every minute of it.

Here’s how you and your kids can play:

Real food. Real kids. Real good! Let’s get cooking! — Love, Eddie, Ann + our EdibleEdu Chefs

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chefpicHow We Cooked Up Edible Education

A message from Chef Ann ButlerFounder and CEO

On my first day of teaching cooking in a public middle school, I asked the students to raise their hands if they knew how to cook dinner for their family. All hands shot up instantly.

“Wow, this is going to be a breeze! These kids are well-versed in the culinary arts,” I thought.

But upon additional questioning, I learned that “cooking dinner” to them meant ham-and-cheese sandwiches, cold cereal, or (my least favorite) Ramen noodles.

“And where do you enjoy your culinary creations?” I continued to query. “In our rooms watching TV, at the sofa watching TV, in the car on the way to practice.”

St M 17And so began my adventure to introduce kids (and adults) to real dinners — the kind with real food and real place settings and real conversation, at an actual table.

More than 20,000 students later, I am still amazed at how little our children know about food. And, perhaps even more amazed at how unadventurous they are with menu choices.

That’s where Edible Education comes in. We are not doctors or gourmet chefs. We use everyday kitchen equipment mixed with a lot of fun and a passion for eating what is good for us (without being all “organic-y” or health-nuts about food) to introduce students to fresh, home-cooked food.

Hands-on learning about fresh, seasonal food, prepared with the intention of sitting with our families and enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures is what we are all about.

In a society where 35 percent of adolescents are overweight or obese, with an 80 percent chance of becoming obese adults, I knew I had to get more involved in making a difference outside of my school district, and so I started Edible Education.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.” — Robert Fulghum, author of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”

I hope you’ll join us on our path where hands-on lessons for all ages lead to a healthy life.

Send me an email: Ann@EdibleEdu.com

Here’s what schools and educational organizations are saying about Edible Education!

Michelle McLees, Director, Marketing and Communications, American Heart AssociationMichelle McLees, Director, Marketing and Communications, American Heart Association“Nearly 1 in 3 overweight or obese kids under the age of 18 faces the threat of early heart disease because of their weight. The American Heart Association applauds Edible Education for how much it helps children (and adults) develop healthy eating habits that will bring lifelong benefits. Way to go, Ann Butler!”

Lee Dolan, SPE enrichment programmer, Board Member, Children’s Science Museum“We can’t thank Ann Butler and her Edible Education program enough for working with our Kids Club at Short Pump Elementary School! We loved having your chefs come to school and teach the students — who all really enjoyed your classes. Your friendly and knowledgeable chefs made the classes come to life. You truly have a fantastic offering!”

maryannMaryann Kaminsky, speech therapist, St. Andrews School: “When I screen new students and re-screen former students, I typically ask if they have a favorite and least favorite food. I have been super impressed this year by the number of responses such as broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, and other healthy foods. This is a significant change from in the past when I would hear only responses such as pizza and hamburgers, etc. I thank Ann Butler’s Edible Education program for making the difference.”

Here’s what parents are saying: 

after-schoolDebbie Lewis, Richmond, VA: “I have been recommending the camp to friends! I think it is a wonderful, practical, and well put together camp for budding chefs and food enthusiasts. I especially appreciate that the menu is filled with healthy foods (unlike other programs I have found that make simple and junky foods).”

Jennifer Nixon, Midlothian, VA: “My daughter had a wonderful time. She is already planning on next summer’s camp.”

Nathan Saunders, Richmond, VA: “My child had a fantastic time! He learned a ton and is now eager to cook at home. In fact, after my husband told his co-workers about camp, they are now eager to try adult classes. It all sounds like so much fun!

Jennifer Hazelgrove, Richmond, VA: “My daughter loved Camp C.H.E.F. and wants to do more cooking classes!”