Camp C.H.E.F. @ My Veggie Chef Kitchens

1500 Second Avenue South
Nashville, TN Map

We are beyond excited to be expanding Camp C.H.E.F. to a new state, especially one as lovely as Tennessee.

Let’s Have a Party

June 5June 9, 2017

Does your child like to entertain? Then this is the camp for him/her. Campers will make appetizers, soups and all things party oriented, only with a more healthful twist.  Parents/family members are invited to stop out on the last day to join the celebration.  GK – G8

1 PM to 4:30 PM / $245

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The Science of Cooking

June 26June 30, 2017

Measurements can be a fun way to brush up on math skills. Discover the reactions between various foods and how heat affects ingredients. Students will earn the “why” of working with unique ingredients and processes. From the science of breads to the science of pickling, campers will have a delicious time discovering how much fun science can be in the kitchen.

1PM to 4:30 PM / $245

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Super Heroes

July 17July 21, 2017

In order to have their super powers, super heroes eat need to eat super fresh food.  Campers will learn recipes that will kick their energy up to the next level. A sampling of items on the menu are: Captain America Shields, Hulk Smashcream, Power bars, and Green Machine Juice, make your own yogurt, and Spider Man Spaghetti.

1 PM to 4:30 PM /$245

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