April Spring Break Camp – Food Truck Favorites

Date: April 1 — April 5, 2019 Location: Register

Food on the go – the ultimate mini restaurant! Learn the ins and outs of running a food truck – from logo to logistics, kids will design their own trucks, and prepare the foods for the menu – from oatmeal buffets to macaroni + cheese bars – these dishes roll with creativity.

Homework never tasted this good! Ages 8+ Parents are invited on Friday for a “Grand Opening” menu tasting!

April 1st – 5rd @ 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Price – 195.00

MONDAY: Breakfast – it’s all about the “Bar” Oatmeal – tons of toppings + milk tasting, Donuts – tons of toppings, Hashbrown scramble – tons of toppings – Smoothies – spliting into teams to make different kinds – All menus will be voted upon for best taste, presentation and price

TUESDAY: Taco Tuesdays – and all the Mexican influence – refried beans, spicy rice, guacamole, spicy salsas, Guatemalan fruit punch, Orange Soda Water, Let’s explore shredded pork, shredded chicken, seitan and fish and eggs ( the way to eliminate the need for tons of food – is to split into groups – then groups prepare “bites” for others to try.

WEDNESDAY: Wacky Wonder Bowls – from Asian to Mac+ Cheese – build a bowl takes on a whole new dimension. EX – Soba Noodle bowl – tons of toppings, Rice bowls Asian, BBQ, Macaroni and Cheese bowls – tons of toppings

THURSDAY – Exceptional Diets – from Vegan to GF – cutting edge health trends in food trucks – Salads – Salad bowls, Wraps, power bites, gluten free brownies, raw puddings, fruit popscicles (to serve Friday)

FRIDAY – Desserts – cupcakes, Master Mix cookies – then break into teams to create one dish for adults tasting.

Throughout the whole week: slide show of successful food trucks – menus, concepts, interiors – Kids will have homework from this camp