Taste your food as you cook it

IMG_1341January 26 — What is Chopped Junior winner Claire Hollingsworth top tip on cooking well? “Taste your food along the way,” she insists. “It keeps you from adding too much salt, sugar, and other ingredients that can ruin the dish.”

Other secrets include:

  1. Have onfidence!!  Just try it. Ask for help if needed
  2. Whatever time the recipe says to cook for, I always check it 10 min before then 5 min before just to be safe
  3. When adding spicy spices, always put it in your hand first and sprinkle in about half of what the recipe says, then taste and adjust if needed
  4. Get your own set of knives. “I started out using kid-safe knives, and then my parents helped  me graduate to a more grown-up set that is modified so I don’t get hurt. I love it, and it makes me feel like a real chef to have my own knives!”