Nov. 24, 2015: Edible Press Release: Kitchen a la Cart™ Makes a Splash in the Loudoun County Public Schools

20151124_085658November 24, 2015, Loudoun County, VA — This morning, the students of Loudoun County Public Schools CAST program baked a beautiful apple pie with Kitchen a la Cart™, a mobile kitchen created by Ann Butler, CEO of Edible Education, LLC — the Richmond, VA company that is teaching America’s kids to cook real food.

CAST (aka: Community and Schools Together) is an independent life skills program for students with disabilities between ages of 18 to 22. So it was a delicious opportunity for students to whip up a holiday treat to be enjoyed later today for all CAST students when they gather for their annual feast, explains Cynthia McNanley, a Loudoun Country transition teacher leading the CAST program in South Riding, VA.

“The mission of the CAST program is to teach valuable skills such as employment, banking, driving, budgeting, transit and cooking — so Ann Butler’s Kitchen a la Cart™ provided the students with the perfect opportunity to have a hands-on experience in a kitchen setting,” says McNanley.

“Ann generously came in today to demonstrate the Kitchen a la Cart™, and also gave our students her essential Knife Skills 101 lesson, which everyone appreciated,” McNanley notes. “Within minutes the students were cutting, slicing, measuring, and making a pie. It was terrific to see them work as a team — and also to see how easy and effective it is to cook using Kitchen a la Cart™.

“It’s safe, sturdy, and from an oven and stove to running hot/cold water, it is packed with everything you need to cook an entire meal,” she adds. “I highly recommend this product to any classroom teacher for an in-school or after-school activity.”

For more information about Ann Butler’s Kitchen a la Cart™, as well as an array of other services, dozens of kid-friendly recipes, and a year’s worth of cooking tips, visit

elf_body-BD cake-® copyAbout Ann Butler’s Edible Education: Hi! I’m Eddie, the mascot of Edible Education. Did you know that studies by the CDC show that if kids get 50 hours of cooking education before they are 12,  it will change the way they think about food? Edible Education’s founder and CEO Chef Ann Butler is determined to teach thousands of children across America to prepare real food, and love every minute of it. Her educational website is packed with dozens of kid-friendly recipes, daily cooking tips for kids, as well videos of cooking lessons on her TV network, Parents can sign kids up for our 2015 kid cooking classes — and Camp C.H.E.F. 2016. She’s also training teachers and parents to bring Edible Education to their community, with her national Edible Education Affiliates. program — that includes Kitchen a la Cart™. Questions? Contact Chef Ann at

About the Community and Schools Together (CAST) program: The CAST program utilizes integrated transition services. In an integrated transition service model, schools, adult service providers, students and their families work together well before the youth exits from the public school system to plan for post-secondary life. It is open to students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools between the ages of 18-22 with current IEPs who have successfully participated in community-based employment experiences and demonstrate appropriate behavior in community settings. To become part of the CAST program, students must be referred by the transition teacher at their local high school, complete an application to the program, and participate in an interview as part of the selection process. Students who are selected for the CAST program participate in graduation with their peers and do not return to the school setting. The CAST staff will assist the students in obtaining jobs in the community that match their interests and goals. The students spend non-work time in integrated community environments learning functional life skills and developing relationships with adult service providers to support a smooth transition from school to post-school life. Learn more here.