Woolridge Fall Enrichment – “Fall Favorites

Date: September 27 — November 8, 2019 Location: Register

School enrichment classes never tasted so good! Our classes are one hour long and students prepare three to four recipes per class. Our trained chefs provide step-by-step, age appropriate, hands-on instruction for your kids, which makes learning to cook real food fun for everyone! Edible Education classes are designed to:

Provide students with the opportunity to interact with role models displaying healthy eating habits and lifestyles
Get children up, active and participating in meal planning and preparation
Fight childhood obesity
Bring Virginia Science and Math SOL’s to life
Broaden a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world with international cuisines
Teach cooperation and the ability to work well with others to complete a task
Have a ball!

Fall Favorites: (K-5) Just in time for Pumpkin Spice season! From apple muffins to pumpkin milkshakes, students will get a taste of all this bountiful season has to offer!

Class Fee $95 per student
5 weeks starting on November 27th – ends on November 8th
On Fridays