Brining 101

It’s a BIG decision – how are you going to cook your turkey this year?

If you want a delicious brine for the turkey, look no further than Chef Ann’s recipe!

You’ll need only 2 things – salt and time. Here’s why.

Salt naturally draws out moisture in proteins, but over time – the process reverses through the laws of diffusion and your turkey begins to absorb the moisture back in for a deliciously moist main dish. Salt also helps break down the muscle fibers, creating a more tender turkey – so this is a great idea for your larger birds.

You will also need:

  • A large space in your refrigerator. Or a lobster pot or large cooler or bringing bag. (I once brined a few turkeys in the bathtub, and  my guests were none the wiser.)
  • 2 days time
  • Salt and other various flavor enhancers – from bay leaves to apple cider, rum, sage, pepper, stock
  • Orange peels, dried allspice berries, brown sugar. You can really go flavor crazy, so have fun. You will rinse it away after 8 hours.

Click here for the entire recipe.

Check out this quick guide to figure out how much brine you’ll need.


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