How long do I cook it?

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Roast turkey is a must-have component of Thanksgiving menus across America. Whether you’re having Thanksgiving with family or hosting a “friendsgiving” dinner party, roast poultry is a delicious option for serving large crowds with ease. Since the bird will likely be the star of the show, you want to make sure you get it done right!

Start by choosing the right size based on the number guests. Once you know how many pounds of turkey you need, this handy reference chart simplifies the rest. Cooking time and oven temperature are important for food safety, as well as for keeping the poultry moist and flavorful. There are only a few variables in the equation for poultry perfection: weight, time and temperature. When it comes to roasting poultry, this chart will help you deliver juicy turkey, chicken or turducken every time.

Seen here is a sample of their perfect Poultry Roasting Chart.  Click here to see the full chart.