Make fun of your soup

thefoodieskitchen.comOctober 30 — Prepare for Halloween tomorrow night by topping your soup with a spiderweb! After whipping up a delicious bowl of tomato, pumpkin, or squash soup, top it with a spiderweb. Sound tough? No way. Simply grab a pastry bag and fill it with 3 Tablespoon of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt or sour cream. No pastry bag? Snip off one corner of a Ziploc bag and fill it with the yogurt or cream — it works great. Next, “pipe” four concentric circles on top of your soup (concentric circles are gradually larger sizes that all have the same center). Using a dinner knife, start in the center of the bowl and “cut” your way out of the circles to the edge of the bowl to create a web effect. Enjoy! Photo by, flickr