Gift Certificates & Kitchen Accessories

Not sure what your child would like, but looking for a gift that is unique, loads of fun and potentially life-changing? Consider the gift of an Edible Education cooking class or a week of Camp C.H.E.F. We teach students how to be more adventurous and confident in the kitchen.

Most Edible Eddie Education classes run 2 hours and cost $25. Week long Camp C.H.E.F. sessions range between $195-$350, depending upon the theme and location. If ordering a class or camp, we will send the child/parent a notice via email or USPS of the gift and then we’ll contact a parent and work with him/her to make an appropriate selection.

Chef knives

Also available are our most popular children’s cooking utensils.

Set of 3 Children’s Knives – $12 (+shipping)

Little Chef Starter Kit – $65 (+shipping)