Edible Education’s Ann Butler Is Teaching America’s Kids To Cook Real Food!

Are you hungry to eat healthy? Do you want your kids to learn to cook well? Does your daughter or son dream about becoming a professional chef? Then Chef Ann Butler, founder of the Richmond, VA-based kids cooking school Edible Education, is where they need to go to help make their dreams come true. “It’s a funny thing, cooking and eating,” says the former high school culinary teacher who launched her cooking company in December 2010. “We do it three times a day … you would think more of us would know how to do that for ourselves. That’s why I founded Edible Education — because I want to get them started to cook real food when they are young.” In fact, studies by the CDC show that if you have 50 hours of cooking lessons before you are 12, it will change the way you think about eating well for the rest of your life! (more…)

Find Out How Ann Butler is Teaching America’s Kids to Cook!

“At Edible Education our mission is to empower kids to have the culinary skills they need to create simple, healthy, real food recipes,” says Ann Butler, founder of the Richmond, VA-based Edible Education — a company that offers hands-on cooking lessons to our nation’s kids.

Butler explains that studies from the CDC show that if children are exposed for 50 hours to food education by the time they are 12, you can change the way they think about food for the rest of their lives. (more…)