Healthy Eating for Seniors

If you want to feel well, eat well. Sticking to a well-balanced diet is as important in the young age as it is as you start getting closer to 60s or 70s. A proper diet can help you make senior years exactly what they should be – golden years.  


A healthy, highly-nutritive diet will supply your cells and muscles with energy and help you maintain the optimal weight. 

Malnutrition usually makes people struggle with their weight – some are overweight, others underweight. Either way, your organism tends to get more vulnerable to diseases and developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease

It is essential to bear in mind most of the seniors face with their immune systems weakening with age. This requires paying special attention and taking extra precautions when it comes to foods. Doctors recommend avoiding meals including raw eggs (Caesar salad dressing). 

Healthy eating for seniors means a lot of fibers, minerals, vitamins, and other foods that provide high values of nutrients. Salt, sugar, saturated in fats and trans food, and junk food should be reduced to a minimum.  

Focus on lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lentils, beans, and of course – fruits and vegetables. This is essential for seniors, because of the fact your calories intake would probably decrease with time, but your needs for nutrient-dense food may stay on the same level or even increase. 

What about Convenience Foods? 

We don’t recommend relying on convenience foods too much, but sure you can sort out some of the healthy options. Of course, there are some convenience foods that are rich in nutrients and easy to prepare – precooked griller meat, frozen or canned vegetables, bagged salad, and instant oatmeal. Always go for low-sodium options. 


If you are not fond of certain types of food but would like to boost your immune system and help it cope with the risks, maybe the best option for you is to include mineral supplements or vitamins (B-12, magnesium, vitamin D). Consult your doctor before starting a new supplement, as certain medications and supplements don’t do well together. 

Bottom Line 

Eating right is not complicated at all, especially when you know it can help you feel more energetic and improve your immune system. Include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, and lean meat, but it would be great to complement a proper diet with some physical activity. Don’t worry, you can still be active even if you may have certain mobility issues. Trying to live it up to the recommendations given above, those 60s will eventually become 40s or 50s, you have our word!


By Dimitri from LoAids