It’s chicken season! We have so much fun with our chickens and are expecting new ones later this spring – wouldn’t you love to have us visit your school with our fun and fluffy friends?

Spring brings more classes at Source Kitchen, area schools and visits to Camp Fairs. We hope to see you around central Virginia soon!

Please join us!
Chef Ann Butler
Founder – Edible Education

Cooking Tip of the Day: Mushroom Tip # 6 – Add enough Fat

The reason most people stir their mushrooms too frequently is that as the mushrooms cook, the fat seems to inexplicably disappear from the pan. This causes folks to over stir the mushrooms leading to problems. Instead add fat in small doses through out the cooking process. Add a spoonful at a time as they cook instead.

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Monthly Recipes: April

Quick Spinach Quiche

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • One egg per quiche – well mixed
  • 1 T. shredded cheese per quiche ( cheddar, mozzerlla, parmesean, feta)
  • 1 - 2 T. chopped spinach
  • ¼ t. chopped green onion per quiche
  • 2 wonton wrappers per quiche
  • Olive Oil

Equipment: muffin pan, mixing bowl, fork or whisk, knife, cutting board. mixing spoons/cups

In a muffin tin – ( we found that using the silicon muffin holders works best, or try the foil muffin papers, brushed with olive oil) If using a 6 muffin container, you’ll want to multiple the above recipe by 6.

Step 1 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2 – Place into the muffin holders, wonton papers brushed with olive oil, you will want 2 wonton wrappers per quiche. Arrange the wonton wrappers into the muffin paper.

Step 3 – Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Step 4 – Add the mixed egg and other ingredients on top of the wonton wrappers – top with a small pinch of salt and pepper

Step 5 – Bake for 12 – 15 minutes or until just browned. Let cool slightly, and enjoy!

Strawberry Shortcakes

Prep Time: 45 minutes Cooking Time: 25 minutes Prep Time: 1 hour
  • 1 1/2 pounds strawberries, stemmed and quartered
  • 5 T. sugar
  • 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 tsp. baking powder
  • 2 T. sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/3 cup butter, very cold, in slices
  • 1 egg
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 1 ½ cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 3 T. sugar
  • 1 T. real vanilla

Equipment: Knife, cutting board, mixer, mixing bowls, baking pan, measuring spoons, measuring cups

Step 1 – Mix strawberries with 5 tablespoons sugar and refrigerate while juices develop, at least 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Step 3 – Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, remaining 2 tablespoons sugar, and salt in a medium bowl.

Step 4 – Cut in the butter using a pastry knife or 2 knives together in a slicing motion. The batter will be crumbly and lumpy. Add egg and milk and mix until just combined.

Step 6 – Place mixture in an ungreased 8-inch square pan and bake until golden, 18 to 20 minutes.

Step 7 – Beat heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form, then add 3 T sugar and 1 T vanilla until mixed.

Step 8 –  Layer with strawberries and add whipped cream!


Spinach Salad w/ Fresh Strawberries & Blueberries

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: Not needed Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • 6 oz. fresh spinach, washed
  • 1 pint strawberries and/or blueberries, washed, dried, and sliced
  • 1 green apple, washed sliced thinly (keep skins on)
  • ¼ cup of shredded mozzarella (or favorite cheese: feta, bleu, etc.)
  • Dressing: ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup of Balsamic vinegar, 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar, 3 T. honey, salt and pepper, 1 cup pureed strawberries

Equipment: large mixing bowl, knives, spoons to toss

  • Step 1: Toss all the ingredients together in large mixing bowl.
  • Step 2: Make your own dressing (see recipe below). Or use a store-bought version that you like. Just be sure to pick one without artificial colors, such as Annie’s lite Raspberry Vinaigrette. Add dressing just before eating to keep salad from wilting.
  • Note: The perfect kid-size salad includes 2 oz of fresh spinach, 2 sliced strawberries, 4 slices of granny smith apples, and added 1 T. of shredded mozzarella cheese. Use a lite vinaigrette dressing for just the right sweet sour balance.
  • For dressing: Pour ingredients into a big jar, pop on the lid, and dance around the kitchen while you shake it up. This recipe is packed with Vitamin C, folic acid, iron — and it’s really tasty! What more could you ask for?!

Chia Jam

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Prep Time: 25 minutes
  • 1 lb. strawberries
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 T Chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Equipment: knives, cutting board, pot, flame, potato masher or whisk
  • Step 1 Clean fruit and remove the stems.
  • Step 2 Combine water and strawberries in pot.
  • Step 3 Add Chia seeds and honey
  • Step 4 Let cook down for 10 minutes, stirring ocassionally
  • Step 5 Mash mixture with potato masher or whisk
  • Step 6 Let cool, and enjoy!

Edible Education TV

Edible Educator Affliates program

6502e929-bd0c-4ad3-a0d2-ee0c3558d072Want to help the kids in your area learn to cook real food? Become an Edible Educator!

Who: There are three groups of people who are successful Edible Educators™.

  • Foodpreneurs  These serious foodies are people with a passion for changing how the next generation thinks about food.
  • After-school Providers — These folks love working with kids and benefit greatly from bringing the Edible Education™ experience to their program. Not only do they add a wonderful regular educational activity to their curriculum, they earn extra money for their program during the school year, and during summer’s, too!
  • Dieticians and Health Coaches — These experienced professionals are able to couple their deep knowledge of nutrition with our proven chef-created curriculum. We not only teach the how to be chefs, we help them add a hands-on cooking lessons to their sessions with adult clients, as well as hospital and aging patients.


School Enrichment

kids measuringSchool enrichment classes never tasted so good.  Our classes are one hour and are offered in 4, 5 or 6 week sessions. Students enjoy themed cooking lessons with seasonal and sensational foods, for students K-G8.

The Edible Education hands-on curriculum gives students confidence in the kitchen. Students prepare three to four recipes per class.

Our trained chefs provide step-by-step, age appropriate, hands-on instruction for your kids, which makes learning to cook real food fun for everyone! (more…)